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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 5:36 PM 

Wisconsin joins with 40 other states for biotech advocacy group

BOSTON – Wisconsin bioscience leaders announced today that Wisconsin has joined 40 other state bioscience organizations to build a national coalition that can speak with one voice in advocating for education, workforce and investment policies to strengthen America's lead in bioscience research, development and business creation.

Wisconsin's BioForward is a new member of the new Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes that will lead a nationally coordinated effort to help promote the strength of one of America's growing industries in an increasingly competitive world marketplace, said Lance Hartford, the coalition's acting co-chair and the executive director of MassBioEd.

"This is a national, coordinated effort to make sure we have the educational resources and talent we need to grow this industry," said BioForward Executive Director Bryan Renk. "We're obviously involved because Wisconsin is a 'tier one' state went it comes to bioscience research and education. So anything we do to help bring more resources to education nationally will obviously benefit Wisconsin."

The effort will include more than just education, Hartford said, adding that the industry needs to cooperate in areas such as workforce development and entrepreneurship.

"To continue innovation we need to attract excited, bright young people to biotechnology, as well as train American workers for life science careers and support biotech entrepreneurs," said Angela Kreps, KansasBio CEO and a founding CSBI member.

"By bringing our individual state-level programs into CSBI, we are building a stronger, collective reach - on behalf of and to benefit the life science industry - to students, teachers, workers and entrepreneurs."



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